Zarina Shamim Foundation


This COVID Pandemic has highlighted even more the need to educate girls who can play a pivotal role in all spheres of life and economy. ZST’s flagship program – Zarina Shamim Scholarship Program (ZSSP) continues to make a positive difference in the lives of over 200 girls for college education and about 100 students for school education, at any given time. Today, we have girls who have completed their education in the fields of information technology, medicine, engineering, computer sciences, pharmaceuticals, graduation, and post-graduation in different subjects. Your support can make a remarkable difference in the lives of many amazingly talented young girls, as well as their families. Your generous support can open a world of opportunities for girls of impoverished families. Your help can make them become an empowered individual and a productive contributor of the society. Pakistan needs literate women; our society needs literate mothers and ZST / ZSSP needs you!

Let us help them together!

  • Empower girls to believe in themselves!
  • Empower girls to achieve their dreams!
  • Empower girls to break the cycle of poverty!
  • Empower girls to escape the vicious circle of illiteracy!
  • Empower girls to improve their lives!
  • Empower girls to enhance their families’ lives!
  • Empower girls to transform their communities!
  • Empower girls to make positive contributions in our society!

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