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Board of Trusties

The last two years 2020 and 2021 have been hit by an unprecedented pandemic of COVID 19. It has impacted the world in a unique way! The world may never be same as pre COVID days.

ZST, like all other organizations, has been hit in an adverse way. There were major financial losses in terms of low volume of donations. However, as the situation has improved, ZST is gradually recovering. We hope that there will be better days in the upcoming new year of 2022-23.

ZST’s flagship program – Project # 1 – Zarina Shamim Scholarship Program (ZSSP) continues to make a positive difference in the lives of over 200 girls. We will continue to bring a few Success Stories to provide you information on different scholars and how they are making a positive change in their sphere of lives.

We believe in empowering girls with education. Educated girls can bring about innovative changes, not only in their families but also in communities that in turn can help in building a society with solid moral, social and cultural values.

Zarina Shamim Trust (ZST) plans to start Project # 2 – Digital Literacy Centre (DLC), soon. This will be done in collaboration with Ala-ud-Din Academy Girls High School (ALDA) by using the four computer labs equipped with over 100 computers.

We want to impart 21 st century digital / information technology knowledge and skills to all age groups, especially the young generation. This will enable them to earn livelihood with an internationally marketable occupation.

We hope to receive your continuous support in the upcoming years. Your support will help us in ‘Enabling and Empowering’ the people of Pakistan!!

Zareen Niazi
ZST Managing Trustee

Zarina Shamim Trust

Board of Trustees (BOT)

Board of Trusties