Zarina Shamim Foundation


Zarina Shamim Trust (ZST) was created / registered and the Board of Trustees were constituted to execute, manage, run and govern the Trust. ZST Deed was registered as Document 1740 in Book No.1 and Volume No. 335 in the record of the office of the Sub Registrar, Gulberg Town, Lahore on 24th June 2011.

Vision of ZST

Help to create a world of hope, tolerance and social justice by enabling and empowering people.

Mission of ZST

Develop initiatives to bring sustainable change through capacity building of deprived segment of population.

Our Values

We strive to live up to and put into action following values and principles.  These serve as guidelines for our conduct and behaviour as we work towards our vision.

  • Integrity – we are committed to act in an ethical and honest manner.
  • Equality – we promote gender equality and equal opportunities especially by empowering girls and women.
  • Respect – we believe that all people should be treated with consideration, dignity and compassion.
  • Empowerment – we help people, particularly girls and women, to get access to knowledge, 21st century skills, tools and means to achieve and become productive members of the society.
  • Making a difference – we strive to improve our effectiveness by implementing best practices / programs that are focused to make a positive difference.

Our Goals and Objectives

Enabling Promoting quality education and Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) literacy for economic growth among people, particularly for girls and women for a better tomorrow. Honesty & Transparency Acting in an open, honest and transparent way at all times. We will act responsibly and with respect at all times. Women Empowerment Supporting higher education and new age skills, especially, for girls and women by offering scholarships. Excellence Bringing together initiatives and funding streams to achieve high quality results and lasting benefits for communities. Inspiration Operating with ambition and determination to deliver a positive and inspiring legacy. We seek to influence others in ways that leave a lasting positive impact.
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